Rhine in flames

A few years ago, a tradition began that is now as inextricably linked to the Middle Rhine Valley as its famous wine: the Rhine in Flames® events. For many people, they are an absolute must in the calendar of events. On five dates between May and September, places and cultural landscapes, castles and Rhine facilities shine in a magical light, while spectacular firework displays amaze spectators on land and on ships alike. The convoys of ships are accompanied by the thunderous sound of the magnificent fireworks, whose echo refracts in the mountain slopes and makes the entire valley shake.
Event locations that you can reach easily and quickly from our vacation apartments are Koblenz/Spay, Bingen/Rüdesheim, Oberwesel and of course Sankt Goar. You can find the current event dates HERE

wine festival

Wine markets & wine walks

In the months from July to October, traditional wine villages such as Oberwesel and Boppard invite visitors to joyful wine festivals every year. On these occasions, locals, guests and winegrowers alike come together to celebrate the successful grape harvest.

In addition, many wineries organize their own farm festivals, to which wine lovers are cordially invited. The wine hikes offered near the vacation apartments are also becoming increasingly popular.

Medieval activities

In addition to events such as the medieval spectacle in St. Goarshausen, the Vierthälermarkt in Bacharach or the juggler and cabaret festival in Koblenz, every two years there is the “Spectaculum” in Oberwesel, where you can immerse yourself in the world of the Middle Ages and follow in the footsteps of the knights.

Medieval market

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